Being the last and probably the best work from the prodigious pen of George Orwell, 1984 Nineteen Eighty-Four is a literary masterpiece. It provides a harrowing insight into a dystopian future, where a totalitarian regime wields ultimate control over its citizens. Be it actions, thoughts, or even emotions they must be in sync with the government’s will. Such a sombre vision was brought about by Orwell’s truly remarkable prose that etches a lasting impression.

The protagonist, Winston Smith, does something unspeakable – he starts thinking on his own and begins recording his thoughts in a notebook. This trait of dissent raises a seed of rebellion, making for a truly gripping narrative.

Orwell’s 1984 critique of power and his portrayal of a nightmarish ‘big brother’ society is as compelling now as it was upon first publication. With a reading age of 17+ years, this thought-provoking novel is an essential addition to any serious reader’s collection.

Published by William Collins, this version of 1984 comes in a neat paperback format, which consists of 384 pages and features an attractive cover. Additionally, Orwell’s unforgettable Animal Farm is also recommended to the book lovers. It’s time to delve into a world crafted by George Orwell, where every jest adds a tinge of bitter truth to an already grim reality.

george orwell

By Charlie