The Aydmed 7-in-1 rapid drug test kit is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to private or collective drug testing scenarios. Whether for individual self-assessment or institutional uses like workplace, school, college, or rehab centres, it is the perfect kit. The package includes five individual test cards, conveniently wrapped in sterile foil packets to prevent contamination. The kittens are ultra-convenient, very much user-friendly and promises a secure experience.

Nothing beats the accuracy level of these test cards which stands at an impressive 99.99%, making them as reliable as the testing systems used by the NHS and European Health Service. This gives me the confidence that these test cards are well calibrated and give precise results.

What stands out with the Aydmed kit is its capability to give swift results, within just five minutes, cutting off any need to book a doctor’s or hospital appointment or the anxiety of waiting. The easy interpretation of results using a line system displayed on the dip cards saves time and is pretty straightforward. The package also comes with a well-detailed instruction manual that aids user clarity.

With the Aydmed kit, you can test for various drug abuses, including Cocaine, Opiates, Methadone, Amphetamines, Cannabis, Ecstasy & Benzodiazepines. All these make it an all-inclusive package suitable for varied testing, making it a wise and efficient purchase.

drug testing kit

By Charlie