As a mum, I feel that we need to pay special attention to baby products, especially when their skin is involved. Upon using JOHNSON’S Baby Oil, I can vouch that this is a product which truly understands the fragility of a newborn’s skin.

Its gentle paraffinum liquidum and isopropyl palmitate composition is clearly suitable for my baby, as it creates a light protective barrier. This claim of locking in double the moisture than a baby lotion is so true. My baby’s skin has never felt this smooth and hydrated before.

The subtle cucumber scent is not overpowering and gives a fresh feel after use. The oil is so light and non-sticky, making it an ideal for baby’s daily massage. This oil has become a routine in creating an incredible parent-baby bonding time.

Johnson’s journey of over 100 years of trust is evident in this single bottle. With its clinically tested mild formula and the backing of the JOHNSON’S brand, this baby oil delivers more than it promises. For baby soft and glowing skin, I would highly recommend JOHNSON’S Baby Oil – a product that’s Best for Baby, Best for You.

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By Charlie