I recently had the chance to try out the Bayer’s GERMOLENE Antiseptic Cream, a product which is brand new but has damaged or no packaging, hence the discounted price. Despite the outer appearance, the product itself is top-notch.

This cream is specifically tailored for sensitive skin and features fantastic components such as Phenol 1.2%, Chlorhexidine Digluconate 0.25%, and more which perform the antiseptic action to help prevent infections. It also includes a local anaesthetic, soothing skin injuries, relieving itching and irritation to make your skin feel better.

What I particularly love about it is it’s non-greasy and rubs in effortlessly, leaving your skin feeling perfectly hydrated. The product is compact and travel-size, making it a great companion when embarking on adventures. And, it is suitable for all skin types and age ranges.

Despite the external packaging, the 30-gram GERMOLENE Antiseptic Cream comes fully intact and offers all the wonderful benefits as mentioned. The brand promises quality, and it most certainly delivers.


By Charlie