Having tried the FELIWAY Classic 30 day starter kit, I must say it is an absolute game changer for cat owners. As someone who has been dealing with a stressed cat for some time now, this product has brought peace back into our home.

Backed by 25 years of scientific research, with proven studies supporting its efficacy, this product oozes credibility. It uses what’s known as the ‘feline facial’ pheromone, an ingenious approach that mimics the natural pheromone a cat releases when it rubs against an object to mark it as safe.

It’s remarkable how it’s scentless and species-specific, meaning it only affects cats without bothering us humans or other pets. The starter kit comes with a Diffuser and a 48ml vial of FELIWAY Classic which gives a good 30 days of calm environment for your cats.

What really gained my trust is that it is recommended by vets, charities and behaviourists. This suggests it’s not just a commercial product but something that really works for cat welfare. I couldn’t recommend this more for pet parents grappling with feline behavioural issues or looking to create a more comfortable environment for their cats.

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By Charlie