Elbow Grease All-Purpose Degreaser is an excellent product for anyone who needs a powerful yet gentle way to remove grease and oil stains. Even though it’s robust enough to clean vehicle parts and metal surfaces, its solvent-free formulation allows safe use on delicate and coloured fabrics. This, in my opinion, showcases the level of thoughtfulness that went into its creation.

The 500ml spray bottle is easy to handle and allows for precise application wherever the degreaser is required. Moreover, it’s eco-friendly, being a recyclable container, a must-have trait in today’s environmental conscious world. The degreaser is also marked as vegan friendly and cruelty free, which is a bonus in my book.

A big plus for me is that pleasant lemon scent it leaves behind. It’s not overpoweringly strong or artificial in smell, but just a fresh note at the end of your cleaning routine that fills your kitchen and bathroom.

The Elbow Grease All-Purpose Degreaser truly lives up to its name as an all-around cleaner. However, remember it’s not suitable for wood or transparent polycarbonates like perspex, and it’s always wise to test before use. Considering everything, this product is a must-have in your cleaning arsenal!

all-purpose degreaser

By Charlie