The GT85 Multi-purpose PTFE Spray Lubricant truly lives up to its name. I found it to be the perfect companion when it comes to bike maintenance. Whether it’s your chain, derailleurs, cables, or brake levers, this lubricant works like a charm. It’s fantastic for your mountain bike or road bike.

What makes this product stand out is the long-lasting protective PTFE coating it offers, which extends to both metal and composite parts. And if you’re worried about your carbon frames, rest easy. GT85 is perfectly safe.

The unique non-oily smell of this lubricant is a game-changer. After use, it leaves your bike sparkling and infused with a fresh, pleasant aroma. It’s a general-purpose cleaning lubricant that effectively prevents oxidation rust and salt corrosion on metal surfaces, making it a must-have in any workshop or DIY endeavour.

Furthermore, this lubricant doubles as a moisture displacer, rust preventative, and electrical systems drying agent, providing an all-around protective shield. It successfully loosens rusted or corroded nuts and bolts, saving you much unnecessary hassle.

Lastly, this product doesn’t have an expiry date, and the print on the item indicates the manufacturing date. It comes in an aluminium tin package and contains a hefty 14 fluid ounces of lubricant. It is a lightweight solution, weighing just 100 grams, making it easy to handle and use.

In conclusion, the GT85 lubricant is the versatile, long-lasting, pleasant-smelling, and effective solution your bikes have been waiting for. Give it a try – your bikes will thank you for it!


By Charlie