The VetIQ Nibblots Berries Treats are a fantastic product designed to promote a healthy skin and coat for your small pets. Available in a 30g pack, the Nibblots pack a lot of nourishment in small, berry-flavoured pellets that your pets will love.

What sets these treats apart from the rest, is the unique two-layer composition. The pellet has a crispy cereal shell that is pleasant to the chew, while the soft fruity centre is brimming with Omega 3 and essential vitamins. This combination not only ensures that the treats are tasty, but they’re beneficial for your pet’s wellbeing too.

The beauty of these Nibblots is that they have been designed keeping all life stages in mind, which means they’re a perfect treat regardless of your pet’s age. Additionally, feeding your pet these treats can also aid in creating a bond between you and your pet, making them an excellent choice for pet owners everywhere.

The VetIQ brand ensures high quality and safety standards, and the model number 5580 is no exception. So, whether it be health, taste, bonding, or value for money, the VetIQ Nibblots Berries Treats ticks all the boxes.

vetiq nibblots berries treats

By Charlie