As an avid bather, I was thrilled to try out Badedas Original Indulgent Bubble Bath Gel. The moment I started pouring this gel under warm running water, I was enveloped in its intoxicating scent. It has a distinct Badedas fragrance that really made my bath feel like a luxurious retreat.

The product boasts natural plant extracts, including the extract of horse chestnut – a feature that made the experience feel even more indulgent and special. What’s notably impressive about this bubble bath gel is it’s not just about the fragrance or the bubbles – it goes the extra mile in providing skin nourishment. After my bath, my skin felt remarkably soft and moisturised, thanks to its natural moisturisers.

While the product is meant for adult use only, it’s pretty safe as it is Paraben Free. If it gets in your eyes, rinsing with cool, clean water should do the trick. Packaged in a 750ml bottle, this gel promises quite a few relaxing baths.

In conclusion, Badedas Original Indulgent Bubble Bath Gel truly presents an enriching bathing experience, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a touch of luxury in their daily shower routine. It’s not just a bath gel, it’s an experience – one that leaves you feeling indulged, refreshed, and incredibly satisfied.

bubble bath gel

By Charlie