The Califig 100ml Syrup of Figs is an exceptional product that aims to help maintain regularity in our diet. Made with real fruit extracts of figs, this syrup offers a convenient and enjoyable way to supplement your eating habits according to your well-being needs.

What really stands out about this fig syrup is not only the use of natural ingredients but also its delectable fruit flavour. The quality of ingredients is also evident in its makeup. From sorbitol, a safe and natural thickener, to natural aroma extracts such as ginger, clove oil, peppermint oil, and cassia oil, this supplement ensures a healthy intake while offering a palatable taste.

It’s branded by Califig, a known brand committed to providing excellent products which are both vegetarian and gluten-free. Aimed at all family members requiring dietary care, this product is lactose-free and does not compromise on flavour, making it a preferred choice for people with dietary complications.

To use, simply shake the bottle well before consumption, and be mindful of the dosage which varies for adults, elderly, and children. Just ensure to consult with your doctor for any severe symptoms or sudden changes in your bowel habits. Lastly, the bottle is convenient to use and easy to store, proving Califig’s commitment to providing an all-around solution for dietary regularity.

califig syrup of figs

By Charlie