Being a mother myself, I understand the struggle of comforting a teething baby. The Tommee Tippee Essentials Cherry Soother has proven to be a boon for my little one. These soothers are made from natural rubber latex, which provides excellent comfort and safety. The cherry baglet that’s shaped similarly to a bottle teat is particularly beneficial in encouraging a breastfeeding-like sucking mechanism.

What I particularly like is the versatility of these soothers. They come in both boy and girl versions and are suitable for all forms of sterilisation. Designed for babies aged 6-18 months, these soothers can effectively aid oral development during this crucial phase.

The fact that these soothers are BPA-free brings added peace of mind. Although the design and packaging may vary, the product quality remains consistent, ensuring your little one gets the best.

cherry soothers

By Charlie