The Deep Relief Triple Action Anti-Inflammatory Gel is an absolute game-changer in muscle pain relief and provides swift aid for back, rheumatic and muscular discomfort.

Housed in a 50g tube, this compact gel is power-packed with a standout formula of active ingredients: 5.0% Ibuprofen and 3.0% Levomenthol. These ingredients are known for their pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, ensuring reduced inflammation right at the point of discomfort.

Its effectiveness isn’t only limited to relieving pain and inflammation; the gel also provides a fast cooling and soothing sensation, thanks to Levomenthol. This makes it perfect for sprains, sports injuries, or even for minor muscle strain after an intense workout.

The application is pretty straightforward. Just apply a thin layer on the affected area and give it a gentle massage until it’s absorbed. You can repeat this up to three times a day, ensuring not to reapply before four hours. Hands down, this is a product every adult should have on hand, be it for chronic conditions or unexpected injuries!

However, keep in mind that this product is not meant for everyone. People under 12 years of age, pregnant women, and anyone sensitive to the ingredients, including aspirin, should not use it. It’s always better to seek medical advice before trying new medication.

As a quick takeaway, store this medicine securely and out of the reach of children, in a cool place not exceeding 25°C.

Pack this lightweight tube of Deep Relief Triple Action Anti-Inflammatory Gel in your kit, and bid adieu to unexpected muscle pain!

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By Charlie