I recently had the opportunity to use the CAKE BOARD & BOX from Culpitt, and I have never been this impressed. This oblong silver cake board and white cake box set will solve all your cake transportation worries. It’s amazing, whether you are preparing for a birthday, a celebration, or any party, you can safely and efficiently transport your special homemade cakes.

The rectangular cake box is all you need to keep your freshly baked cakes intact and free from damage. The plain white design and the absence of windows gives it a professional and elegant look. Plus, it’s sized perfectly, standing 6 inches high, spacious enough for even your most extravagant creations.

But the real star of this pack is the cake drum. Just perfect for loaf cakes, roulades, desserts, and it does not discriminate on flavours – chocolate sponge, classic vanilla tray bakes, you name it! And the drum does not only offer beautiful display, but also provides full support to your creation, regardless of its weight and size. From lighter sponges to weighty multi-tier cakes, this sturdy structure handles them all.

The box’s usability is very practical, delivered flat for convenient storage and very easy to assemble when you need it. This means you’ll be ready to transport your cake within seconds! I highly recommend any ardent cake maker get a Culpitt CAKE BOARD & BOX – it works wonders, each and every time.

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By Charlie