I’ve recently got my hands on Cillit Bang Power Cleaner Black Mould Remover and boy, it didn’t disappoint! One of the standout features has got to be its powerful formula, capable of destroying mould completely. As someone who struggles with persistent mould in damp areas like the kitchen and bathroom, this product was nothing short of revealing. 100% stain removal claim became a reality in my home.

The impressive feature for me is the product’s performance against limescale – another tough opponent for most cleaners.

Furthermore, the Black Mould Remover comes in a practical spray format, making it super easy to apply on various surfaces – simply aim, spray and let it do the magic. What instantly grabbed my attention, in the beginning, was the incredibly fast acting nature of this product. Visible results were seen in mere seconds, and to the delight of my tired arms, no scrubbing was necessary.

The generous 750ml volume ensures that one bottle lasts for more than just a few cleaning sessions. It was refreshing to see that this powerhouse of a cleaner is topped with a delightful lemon scent. Trust me, the lingering smell of lemon post a ‘cleaning battle’ is simply splendid! To top it up, Cillit Bang has ensured that the packaging is robust and that the product content is safe. No worries about any accidental spills or leaks with this one!

cillit bang

By Charlie