Having had the opportunity to use the CELTIC SEA SALT in my kitchen, I was thoroughly impressed. This 100% pure coarse salt adds an incredible flavour to dishes, making it ideal for all culinary uses. Its whole, raw crystal form retains all its natural properties as it’s entirely unrefined. And trust me, once you switch to this, your regular table salt will seem lacklustre.

Fantastically, it’s more than just a seasoning. This sea salt naturally contains key minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium in perfect ratios, essential for the body. The active vital minerals give it an alkaline pH, enhancing sodium assimilation in the body, hence recommended by Doctors, Nutritionists and Chefs worldwide since 1976.

The CELTIC SEA SALT is skillfully harvested in France using age-old methods, making it a prime example of artisan excellence. It’s worth mentioning that the testing processes they use to ensure quality is incredibly rigorous, with checks for pollutants, radiation, and micro-plastics. This shows their commitment to providing a product every bit as great as Mother Nature intended.

What I genuinely admire is that CELTIC SEA SALT is all about sustainability. They use responsible sourcing and maintain fair business practices, which is something to respect in today’s market. If you’re looking for a switch in your kitchen, go for this high mineral sea salt.

celtic sea salt

By Charlie