When it comes to emotional well-being and balance, the Bach Flower Remedies have always been a trustworthy choice. The RESCUE Pastilles, particularly in the flavourful Blackcurrant variant, brings forth the same trusted therapy in a different format.

What I find remarkable about these pastilles is their alcohol-free formulation. It’s an ideal feature for those who prefer to avoid alcohol in any form, making these pastilles a perfect fit for the entire family. The pastilles include five famous flower essences which were discovered by Dr Bach in the 1930s. His timeless research and preserved original gardens in Oxfordshire, UK, still bring us these natural flower essences.

Packaging is another thoughtful aspect. The pastilles come in a versatile, handy click-shut tin, making them your perfect travel companion. The soothing act of chewing a pastille is surprisingly relaxing and can help you unwind after a long, tiring day.

While the RESCUE Pastilles are perfectly safe and suitable for all, remember not to store them above 25°C, and be aware that excessive consumption may have a laxative effect. Also, a heads up for those with gluten allergies, the pastilles might contain traces of gluten.

If you are looking for natural, restful solutions, why not try combining these pastilles with RESCUE Night, another worthy product from their range. Remember, each pastille contains four drops of the original RESCUE tincture, ensuring you the effectiveness of each chew.

In conclusion, the RESCUE Pastilles are the UK’s No1 Emotional Wellbeing Brand Pack offering emotion-stabilizing benefits and a great taste. They are suitable for vegetarians and are an easy-to-use format for everyone looking to enhance their emotional wellness.

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By Charlie