As a frequent smoker always on the lookout for enhancements to my smoking experience, I was truly delighted to explore the BULL BRAND Menthol Filter Tips. With a cool menthol taste seamlessly infused through the filter, it has genuinely elevated my smoking sessions. The brand has strategically inserted a menthol thread through the centre of the tip, ensuring a potent flavour that outperforms traditional methods.

The design showcase Bull brand’s meticulous attention to details. Aside from the innovative menthol thread, these filter tips are also paper-wrapped for that satisfying snug fit between the paper and tip. The diameter, 6mm, makes them the perfect companion for your smokes.

Finally, let’s talk about the packaging. These filter tips are housed in re-sealable plastic bags which splendidly preserve the menthol freshness. With 250 Menthol filter tips per bag, that’s an abundance of minty goodness at your disposal. Trust me, once you get a taste of these menthol filter tips, you’ll wish you’d discovered them sooner.

bull brand

By Charlie