Having had the pleasure to try the Colour Me Red 50ml PDT by Milton-Lloyd, I can truly attest to its luxurious allure. This perfume for both men and women captivates the senses with its mixture of fragrances. Its top notes of bergamot, peony and freesia are exceedingly fresh, while a warm heart of red fruits, violet, jasmine and carnation invites intrigue. The base of orris, sandalwood and vetiver gives it a rich, earthy finish.

As someone who enjoys high-quality fragrances, I found the longevity of this perfume particularly impressive. Thanks to the blend of luxury oils at high concentrations, this fragrance promises not only outstanding quality, but also long-lasting performance, a feature I greatly appreciate.

The bottle itself exudes elegance with its sleek and modern design. It is certainly a stylish addition to any fragrance collection or a perfect gift for a loved one. Despite its luxury appearance and performance, it comes at an affordable price – a testament to Milton-Lloyd’s commitment to prioritising perfume quality over branding and marketing costs.

This perfume surely embodies the essence of Milton-Lloyd’s philosophy – delivering exceptional, long-lasting luxury fragrances without the luxury price tag. The Colour Me Red 50ml PDT is not just a perfume; it’s an experience that is well worth it.

luxury fragrance

By Charlie