After trying the Mitchum Women Pure Fresh Stick 41 g, I can confidently say this deodorant and antiperspirant stick is a game-changer. I was impressed by its maximum strength formula that robustly combats odour and wetness, keeping me fresh and dry for 48 hours.

Formulated with aloe and vitamin E, it not only effectively masks body odour but also conditions and soothes the skin. Plus, it’s undergoing dermatological testing which adds a layer of assurance for its use.

Mitchum’s triple odour defence technology – a distinctive feature, provides a shield against odour from all angles: heat, motion, and stress. This, when combined with its expert formulation for ultra-powerful 48-hour sweat and odour control, makes it an ultimate choice for those in search of reliable deodorants.

One of the salient features that caught my eye was its effort to minimise white marks, a common issue with most deodorants. Also, being alcohol-free means it’s gentle on the skin, ensuring no stinging or irritation post-application.

In the scent department, ‘Pure Fresh’ is subtle yet invigorating, adding to overall freshness. In the form of a stick, this deodorant offers practicality and easy application, well-suited for the neck and underarms.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Mitchum Women Pure Fresh Stick for its superior odour control and skin-friendly formula.

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By Charlie