As an affiliate marketer, reviewing exciting and innovatively designed products becomes the highlight of my day. This time, I had the pleasure of exploring a remarkable material – the DAS White 1 kg Air Hardening Modelling Clay. The fact that this clay is extremely easy to work with, and can be moulded into solid, durable objects makes it perfect for a range of activities.

Not just modelling, the clay is suitable for coating various materials including wood, metal or glass which diversifies its usability. An exceptional feature of this clay is that it hardens on exposure to air, eliminating the need for baking. This comes across as a handy feature especially for kids who are learning the craft.

What makes it an appealing purchase, is its non-staining feature, as it can be easily washed from hands and most fabrics using a machine wash. Additionally, each pack contains 1kg of ready to use clay which aids in fulfilling educational objective of refining creative skills.

Moreover, the inclusion of Art and Craft components and the versatile non-baking feature genuinely stands out. The quality of material, the age range for kids and the lightweight design just adds to the charm of this wonder product. Indeed, perfect for professionals, hobbyists, and learners alike!

modelling clay

By Charlie