Ever found yourself in the vexing situation where the splinterguard on your Festool guide rail wore out or got damaged? Fear no more, for I present to you the Festool 495207 FS-SP 1400/T Splinter Guard – a direct replacement splinterguard for guide rails of length 1400 mm. Crafted with precision and care by Festool, a brand synonymous with quality and reliability.

This is not your ordinary splinterguard; with a length of 1400 mm, it is designed to accommodate larger projects seamlessly. It is the epitome of convenience and user-friendly design, perfectly fitting all guide rails of the same length. The model number, FS-SP 1400/T, is a testament to Festool’s commitment to consistent and specialized products for its users. I can vouch for its efficiency having used it myself.

The Festool 495207 FS-SP 1400/T Splinter Guard may be a simple product, but it brings immense value to your woodworking ventures, effortlessly enhancing the quality of the finished product. This is one purchase you wouldn’t regret!

festool 495207 fs-sp 1400/t splinter guard

By Charlie