I recently had the chance to try out the FireAngel SB1-TP-R Smoke Alarm and was truly impressed. I placed them in my bedroom, living room, and landing, and they worked seamlessly.

The loud 85 dB alarm is clear to hear even in large spaces, ensuring prompt alert in case of a fire. The device’s battery life is a year, and it is equipped with a 1×9 V replaceable battery. Its lifespan is a good 10 years, making it an investment you won’t regret.

The large central test and silence button feature are well thought out, making testing and silencing the alarm a breeze. The alarm is resistant to nuisance alarms, ensuring you’re not woken up by false alerts.

Moreover, it’s just the thing for grade F installations where cost is a concern. It utilises optical smoke sensing technology which detects slow smouldering fires before they get out of hand. It’s small and compact, measuring just 9x9x3.5 cm, and is easy to install. The FireAngel Smoke Alarm is an essential tool that everyone should consider having in their homes.

fire safety

By Charlie