As an affiliate marketing expert with a knack for reviewing products, I recently laid my hands on The Buzz’s Zero STV336 Fly Catcher. Packaged as a twin pack of highly effective outdoor fly traps, it’s a product that surprised me not just with its efficacy, but also its innovative design.

One of the first things I noticed about these fly traps was how they lure insects in but don’t let them out – quite an interesting feature if you ask me. Suitable for use in gardens, refuse areas, and any outdoor spaces, these traps are an answer to the seasonal fly invasions that plague our homes and gardens. The unique thing about these products is that you can easily refill them, plus, they work fantastically well over a distance of up to 10m.

As a bonus, they’re non-toxic and poison-free, hence, they pose no risk at all to your family or pets. Just add water to the bait attractant, hang it in the sun to activate it, and you’re done; it’s all really simple and hassle-free.

The only thing that could vary is the packaging due to a rolling brand change. However, the product itself remains unchanged in its effectiveness. This is one product I highly recommend for those wanting to keep their outdoor spaces free from flies.

fly catcher

By Charlie