The Germoloids Cream is a fantastic product that guarantees fast, soothing relief for both internal and external haemorrhoids. Right from the first application, you will experience the 4-in-1 action of this cream, providing numbing comfort and rapid pain relief.

What’s superior about Germoloids Cream is the local anaesthetic ingredient which numbs and soothes itching instantly. The addition of Zinc Oxide also contributes to the success of this product; with its known astringent and antiseptic properties, it not only shrinks swollen piles but also protects sensitive, broken skin from infection – an absolute win!

I particularly prefer the cream format; it does a stellar job at moisturising and soothing the affected area, thus managing those troubling haemorrhoid symptoms effectively. Plus, the convenience of an applicator included for internal piles application deserves a thumbs up!

If you’re concerned about the safety of this product, you’ll be pleased to know that Germoloids Cream is apt for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, always be sure to read the label and consult your doctor or pharmacist before use.

Without a doubt, Germoloids Cream is a reliable solution for pile treatment that ensures great protection and much-needed relief for your skin.

germoloids cream

By Charlie