I’ve found that Golden Swan White Vinegar is an amazing household essential. The vinegar comes in a 5L bottle, and the pack contains 4 such bottles. You get a tonne of vinegar, 20 litres to be exact, but it’s also neat to note that it’s a 5% concentration level of acetic acid. That’s the perfect strength for most uses.

I appreciate the long shelf-life of this product. Unopened, it lasts 24 months, and once opened, it keeps for around 6 months. That is ample time, and you don’t need to worry about wasting any. An important aspect to note is the storage instructions – always store it out of direct sunlight when not open and chill it once it is opened.

Vinegar, in general, has a sour flavour, and Golden Swan white vinegar follows suit. Its sourness is perfect for making pickles, marinades, salads, and house cleaning. The product weight is about 21.1 Kilograms while the item weight is 20 Kilograms. It’s impressive that there are no artificial colours added to this vinegar.

The packaging information says that it’s a bottle format and the liquid volume is 20,000 Millilitres. That’s a huge quantity, right? Overall, Golden Swan white vinegar is an impressive product, and I’m happy to recommend it.

golden swan vinegar

By Charlie