The Garnier Nutrisse Crème permanent nourishing brown hair dye is a blessing for all individuals wishing to enhance their natural hair colour in the comfort of their home. With its ability to give a multi-tonal natural-looking, long-lasting brown colour and 100% grey hair coverage, you’re ensured a salon-standard result without stepping a foot outside your door.

Enriched with avocado oil, olive oil, cranberry oil, shea oil and argan oil, this formula nourishes your hair during and after colouring, leaving it soft, glossy and strong. It adds an enviable shine that’s 3x more than uncoloured hair, making your new colour stand out. Plus, the added benefit of protection against dryness for up to 8 weeks is unmatched.

The package also comes with a restoring after-colour conditioner that further enhances the health of your locks. If you’ve been in search of a hair dye that gives you the perfect brown shade while ensuring hair health, Garnier Nutrisse Crème could most certainly be your answer.

garnier nutrisse crème

By Charlie