The INEOS sanitizer hand gel is a quintessential product to maintain cleanliness and safety in these trying times. This hospital-grade disinfectant features 75% pharmaceutical-grade alcohol, designed to kill up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Whether you work in a commercial premise or simply want to protect your household, this product provides optimum hygiene assurance.

Unlike many other hand disinfectants in the market, the INEOS hand gel does not contain any added fragrance or colouring agents, keeping you safe from unnecessary chemicals. Although you may notice a little congealing around the nozzle after non-use, a quick routine wipe will sort that right out. The sizable 500ml packaging ensures you won’t run out soon!

The application is straightforward – squeeze a tiny amount onto dry hands, rub it thoroughly, and let it dry. The key is not to wipe or rinse it off and avoid the use of towels or tissues to prevent recontamination. It’s crucial to handle this product with care as it’s highly flammable. Always keep it out of children’s reach, and ensure that the product doesn’t have contact with your eyes. In case it does, rinse your eyes immediately and seek medical advice.

Overall, the INEOS Hygienics Sanitiser products guarantee hospital-grade quality and are approved by doctors. They are effective against viruses and bacteria and specially crafted for regular use between hand washes. This unscented, hydro-alcoholic disinfectant hand gel is not only practical but also highly effective.

ineos sanitizer hand gel

By Charlie