The Lil-Lets Maternity Maxi Thick Pads with Wings are an absolute game-changer for new mums. It comes as a bundle pack of 30 pads, providing ample supply post your baby’s delivery. I find these pads super absorbent and they manage a heavy flow impressively, absorbing fluids within seconds and keeping me free from leaks.

Unlike many other maternity pads, these come with wings for added security and a wider back providing extra coverage & protection, making them spot-on not only for post-natal fluids but also for very heavy menstrual flow. The super soft, breathable cover is tender on the skin, especially useful if you’ve had stitches or just feel more sensitive than usual.

These pads are also fragrance-free and gently cushioned for your comfort. A notable aspect is their individual wrapping for convenient disposal. They are perfect all-rounders – useful both before and after your baby’s birth, ultimately helping you focus on your lovely new arrival.

maternity pads

By Charlie