The FilterLogic Universal 6 Pack Filter Cartridges have indeed lived up to their hype. Firstly, it boasts of a reputable certification from TUV, adhering to European and German Standards, an assurance of quality and reliability. The robust plastic material contributes to its longevity, making it a durable solution for water filtration.

What impressed me the most is its unique ability to reduce Limescale effectively, eliminating scum and scale that usually find their way into our hot drinks. This makes it a noble choice for tea and coffee lovers. Equally impressive, the system employs a carbon stage to eliminate chlorine, thereby improving the taste and odour of the water. From my experience, this has significantly enhanced my drinking experience with clearer, tastier water.

The cartridges are perfectly compatible with Maxtra, Maxtra+, and Maxtra PerfectFit, making them highly versatile. And for a lightweight product weighing a mere 105 grams, its impact is colossal. Given its compatibility and pleasing dimensions, it’s quite straightforward to install and use. Under normal conditions, each cartridge serves you effectively for about 4 weeks, providing incredible value.

limescale reduction

By Charlie