As someone who always appreciates a high-quality hair colourant, the Clairol Nice’n Easy Crème thoroughly impresses me. With a beautiful Golden Auburn colour, it stands out among the other hair colourants due to its natural looking blend of 3 different salon tones and highlights. What’s more impressive is its oil-infused formula that goes gentle on the scalp and hair, which is seldom seen in permanent home hair dyes.

It boasts an unwavering commitment to provide 100% grey coverage, a blessing for those wanting to mask those rebellious grey strands. Another noticeable feature is its lasting prowess, with the colour enduring up to 28 washes – truly outstanding in its class. Not to forget, it comes with conditioners giving you soft and shiny results post application.

True to its claims, it is really easy to use and the process is simple. I adored the inclusion of the CC+ Colourseal conditioner, which helps to lock the colour and nourish the hair. All in all, this product is something worth recommending, and it’s no surprise that 96% of women would recommend it to a friend.

clairol nice’n easy crème

By Charlie