After testing the Protexin Pro-Fibre, a unique high fibre probiotic and prebiotic pellet for dogs and cats, I have to say, it’s life-changing for pets. The artificial beef flavouring lures them right in and they never resisted having it in their meals.

The Pro-Fibre pellets have been wonderfully designed to seamlessly blend with your pet’s food. I find this particularly helpful, as it promotes efficient digestion without the usual hassle of pet food supplements. Versatility is a major plus point here as this product is suitable for both dogs and cats.

Filled with natural sources of fibre like psyllium husk and sugar beet pulp, along with probiotics, prebiotics, this product is a great addition to your pet’s diet. It’s fantastic to see an emphasis on natural ingredients and the inclusion of probiotic Enterococcus faecium really helps boost your pet’s digestive health.

In my opinion, the Protexin Pro-Fibre is a necessary addition to pet care, especially for those looking to supplement their pet’s diet with the right dietary fibres. Specifically developed to ensure optimal digestive health for your pets, it’s a product I can easily recommend.

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By Charlie