As an animal lover and dedicated dog parent, I was absolutely delighted to come across Pedigree Schmackos. These delicious tender strips blew me away with their meaty flavours and excellent nutritional value.

Not just a yummy treat, Schmackos are formulated to cater to your canine’s health needs. By providing essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and Omega 6, these chews promote a robust lifestyle. Each piece containing less than 30 calories, along with calcium for strong bones, echoes the brand’s dedication to our furry friend’s wellbeing.

The aspect that impressed me the most was the absence of artificial colours or flavours, only reaffirming Pedigree’s transparency and quality standards. With brands becoming increasingly aware of clean and natural ingredients, it’s comforting to see Pedigree leading the way.

The grand multipack of 790g, holding 22 pieces each in 5 packs ensures a plentiful supply of these treats. With flavours of beef, lamb, and poultry, it has something for every dog, irrespective of their breed or size. Suitable for adult dogs, Schmackos are indeed a delightful surprise!

pedigree schmackos

By Charlie