The newly launched Premom App, powered by a cutting-edge algorithm, has made tracking your fertility signs more organised, easy, and fun. This ovulation test kit is incredibly easy to use and provides accurate results. Everything you need to monitor – ovulation test results, PdG test results, Basal Body Temperature (BBT), and period data – is consolidated in one place for the best predictions.

One of its standout features is the ability to maintain records and understand previous trends. There’s no need to keep old urine test results. Click a picture, and it’s stored in the app. This method not only tracks your LH hormone level but also predicts the fertile days more accurately. Even if your cycle lengths are variable, the Premom app has got you covered. It minimises the chances of missing an LH spike and maximises the result efficacy for prediction.

Using the Premom app by Easy@Home feels seamless and quick. The app automatically aligns all your valid test results making it effortless to track progression. It’s a whole new way to predict, plan and approach your fertility journey with positive prospects.

premom app

By Charlie