I recently had the chance to try out Prontolind Spray. It’s branded as a solution for cleaning and care of Piercings, Tunnels, Plugs, and Body modifications. And I must say, it didn’t disappoint.

One thing that stood out was the claim of having the best dermatological compatibility. As someone with sensitive skin, this was a huge win. It didn’t cause any irritation, even in pain-sensitive areas. If you’ve ever had the challenge of cleaning a piercing, you definitely know what relief this means.

The Prontolind Spray comes in a 75 millilitres bottle, which is definitely a good size, considering you don’t need much per use. And it just doesn’t clean, it also penetrates independently into the piercing canal, ensuring deep cleansing.

Another top feature is its suitability for all types of piercings. Whether you have a nose, ear, belly button piercing, this spray works wonders. Plus, being unisex, it hits the mark for everyone.

Lastly, it’s the first choice in many studios. This speaks to its effectiveness. If professionals are reaching for Prontolind, why shouldn’t you?

Do I recommend the Prontolind Spray? Absolutely.

piercing care

By Charlie