With an overlooking look at the Qualtex Dust Bags for Numatic Vacuum Cleaners, it’s clearly evident that they have been perfectly engineered for your cleaning needs. Available in a pack of 10, these nifty dust bags do a tremendous job of ensuring your vacuum cleaner operates at optimal conditions.

The dust bags show high compatibility with NVM1B and NVM1C/2 Type vacuum cleaners, providing a seamless and hassle-free cleaning experience. Moreover, it’s worth noting that the utilization of paper as the primary material, makes these bags lightweight while maintaining impeccable durability.

On top of that, the double-filtered feature is worth highlighting. This means that the bag ensures your vacuum cleaner’s exhaust air is fresher, creating a safer and cleaner environment.

Being a product from Qualtex, a reputable brand, you are certain of the bag’s quality and longevity. Despite the higher standards, these dust bags are not directly associated with the initial manufacturer’s parts, giving you a perfect and affordable alternative.

Overall, the Qualtex Dust Bags for Numatic Vacuum Cleaners are a worthwhile investment, ensuring your vacuum cleaner offers the best performance in the long run.

qualtex dust bags

By Charlie