The Aqua Optima Evolve+ filter cartridges stand out uniquely due to their 100% recyclability – a defining feature in our increasingly environmentally conscious world. Notably, Aqua Optima, in a commendable step towards environmental sustainability, has partnered with TerraCycle to facilitate the recycling of their water filters, and thus, contribute in combatting the issue of single-use plastics.

Switching to Aqua Optima’s water filter cartridges from bottled water is a wise decision both economically and environmentally. Costing just 3p per litre, filtered water is astoundingly cheaper, up to 95%, than bottled water, thus offering significant cost savings. Plus, reducing plastic bottle usage is a big plus for the environment.

The cartridges utilize activated carbon which eliminates chlorine, while also efficiently filtering out organic impurities. They also assiduously remove life-shortening heavy metals and counteract limescale build-up.

The real star of the show is Aqua Optima’s patented 5-step filtration technology. Not only does it proficiently filter tap water, effectively reducing limescale, chlorine, and microplastics, but it also mitigates the presence of harmful elements such as herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals. This results in a pure, great-tasting water, which subsequently leads to improved hot and cold drinks, better tasting cooked vegetables, and a longer lifespan for your kitchen appliances due to reduced limescale build-up.

In conclusion, Aqua Optima Evolve+ filter cartridges are as beneficial for your personal health as they are for the health of the planet. This is a smart buy for every household.

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By Charlie