The LYNX Shower Tool really revolutionized my shower routine. It’s a dual-sided sponge designed to exfoliate and gently clean the body, literally a perfect gadget. It works best with a LYNX shower gel that creates the ideal lather and leaves you smelling fantastic.

One side of the shower tool is soft mesh which is gentle enough for my face and the other side is a rugged scrub that easily gets rid of the dead skin on tough spots like heels or elbows. Thanks to this 2-in-1 functionality, it makes my shower time efficient and refreshing.

This shower tool is easy to maintain. Thorough rinsing post shower then squeezing out excess water and leaving it to air dry ensures that it lasts longer. Paired with a LYNX Body wash I feel rejuvenated and my skin feels fresh and smells incredible!

The perfect accompaniment to my shower, it’s the LYNX 2-sided Shower Tool – simple but game-changing. And with a recommendation to replace every 4-6 weeks, I’d honestly say it’s a small price to pay for the effect it has on my daily self-care routine.

lynx shower tool

By Charlie