As someone who enjoys cooking and DIY activities, I’ve had my fair share of using different kitchen tools. One such essential tool that I’ve come across recently is the Addis Plastic 1 litre Measuring & Mixing Jug. This product has not only proven to be a kitchen essential, but also an all-around tool for DIY and hobby use.

What impresses me the most about this jug is its embossed metric/imperial measurements. The clarity of the measurements makes it perfect for accurate measuring of ingredients or liquids for a variety of uses. And, with its 1 litre capacity, it handles everyday tasks with ease.

The strong handle and the pouring spout make it very practical and user-friendly. The quality of the plastic assures it is 100% Food & BPA Safe, moreover, you’ll appreciate the flexibility of being able to use this jug in the freezer, dishwasher, and microwave without any worries.

And to top it up, it’s UK made and from Addis – a household company known for its quality products since 1780. The transparent design makes the inside contents visible so you can exactly know what’s inside at a glance, a feature critical when measuring ingredients. All in all, the Addis Plastic 1 litre Measuring & Mixing Jug is an absolute must-have, made for life, whilst promising handiness and longevity.

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By Charlie