After trying the Beaphar Advanced-Enzyme Toothgel, I am delighted with the results on both my dogs and cats. It’s an enjoyable liver-flavoured toothgel that’s fluoride-free, which my pets savoured. I noticed a significant reduction in their plaque, bacteria and tartar build-up due to the advanced enzyme action.

Applying it was a breeze, working from the back to the front of the teeth. And if you miss a spot, don’t fret! Your pet’s tongue will naturally circulate the gel over their teeth. It proves to be an excellent non-brush alternative for dental care, especially for pets who are resistant to teeth brushing. It doesn’t just prevent bad breath but also combats plaque effectively.

The package arrived with a 100g tube. Worth every penny for the benefits it offers, including anti-bacterial properties and tartar control. Furthermore, it’s safe for babies too! No matter if you’re a dog or cat owner, this product is crafted with care for your pet’s oral health.

pet dental care

By Charlie