As a regular home hair-dyer, I’m always on the hunt for products that deliver rich, vibrant results while being kind to my hair. And that’s exactly what I found in the Garnier Nutrisse Crème permanent hair colour. Its 3.6 Deep Reddish Brown shade catches the eye, offering a colour result that is natural-looking and stunningly dimensional. The dyeing process is easy and straightforward, thanks to the clear instructions included. They guide you from the initial patch test to the final rinse, ensuring the best possible outcome. Most importantly, it manages to cover 100% grey hairs, which most home hair dye products struggle with.

The remarkable characteristic about this product is its nourishing formula enriched with multiple oils; avocado, olive, blackcurrant, and shea. These oils work together in harmony to achieve hair that is healthier, shiner, and silkier post-dyeing. You don’t just colour your hair but nourish it too. A unique feature I loved was the restoring conditioner with 5 oils. This conditioner left my hair feeling intensely moisturised and luxuriously soft. Radiance that lasts up to 8 weeks is genuinely admirable.

I was also extremely impressed with the Garnier’s Color match app, that let me virtually try this hair colour. It’s a great feature to test before you invest in a new shade. All in all, I recommend Garnier Nutrisse Crème permanent hair colour for a fuss-free, nourishing, and vibrant at-home hair dye experience.

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By Charlie