The TP-Link N300 Universal Wi-Fi Range Extender is a fantastic, easy-to-use, and flexible device that promises to broaden your wireless horizons. This cutting-edge accessory nurtures out-of-network areas by leveraging the potent Range Extender mode, encouraging a stronger signal where it was once weak or non-existent.

The device’s physical attributes are suitable for any home or office, with a miniature size and wall-mounted design; deployment and adjustment are straightforward and flexible.

Further, this Wi-Fi booster embraces simplicity, allowing easy wireless coverage expansion at the gentle touch of the Range Extender button. Furthermore, the management of this device is rendered even more effortless through the Tether App, accessible from any mobile device. Adding to user-friendly features is the LED Control function, which provides a Night Mode ensuring a serene and undisturbed sleep environment.

Though miniature in size, the TP-Link N300 is large on compatibility, operating seamlessly with all 802.11 n/g/b wireless devices. It is also attuned to the latest Windows 8 operating system. Plus, the added assurance of a 3-year manufacturer warranty further boosts consumer confidence in this excellent product.

tp-link n300

By Charlie