The Savlon Antiseptic Cream is a family must-have for those emergency situations when minor injuries happen. This effective cream is suitable for both adults and children, ready to cleanse and reduce the risk of infection in wounds, cuts, grazes, superficial burns and even minor skin problems like chapped skin, spots and blackheads.

Using the cream is straightforward. Simply clean and dry the affected area and apply a small amount of the cream generously. Ensure you repeat the application as required, but important to note, it is for external use only. This product is designed carefully for user safety and has clear warnings for any possible allergic reactions.

The active ingredients, Cetrimide and Chlorhexidine Digluconate, work effectively to treat the injured area, providing clean, dehydrated treatment which reduces the possibilities of infection and aids in faster healing.

The Savlon Antiseptic Cream is brilliant at what it does. It’s convenient and compact, making it easy to store in a first aid kit or medicine cabinet for future use. Moreover, it’s known to even prevent infection on shaving cuts, blisters and sores. Truly, it’s the kind of product that makes you feel safer just knowing it’s there.

savlon antiseptic cream

By Charlie