The Body Mist by So…? is not just a fragrance, it’s a statement. From the best-selling self-select fragrance brand in the UK, this product proves to be more than a match for its rivals. Maximizing on quality and affordability, So…? Fragrance is indeed redefining beauty as inclusive and accessible to everyone.

One bottle of this Candy Floss Body Mist carries 100ml of enchanting aroma, offering over 650 sprays. That’s roughly 44 days of luscious scent based on five sprays thrice a day. Each waft of fragrance is built to last around six hours after spraying, keeping you fresh and invigorated throughout your routine.

In line with environmental mindfulness, the Body Mist sprays are held in recyclable PET bottles. This makes them an ideal gift for women and girls who are not only beauty lovers but also champions of sustainability.

As the essence of sweet candy floss fills your senses, you also have the choice to explore other Body Mist by So…? themes such as Vanilla, alongside other fruity and floral body mist scents. Whether you’re after something deliciously fruity or a romantic floral scent, the diverse collection assures a suitable match.

In conclusion, the Body Mist by So…? is as sweet and delightful as its Candy Floss theme suggests. Convenient and eco-friendly, it’s a perfect addition to your everyday essentials or as a gift for someone special.

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By Charlie