From cleaning the countertop to wiping the dirt off surfaces, the Spontex Multi-Purpose Cloth + Microfibre Cloth has been my go-to product. Not only does it pick up dirt easily, but it’s also ultra-absorbent and therefore ensures a more effective and efficient cleaning.

It’s easy to rinse and yet retains its durability, which makes it a prime pick for standards household chores. Plus, the fact that it works perfectly well with just water is an eco-friendly bonus. And the fun doesn’t stop here – the cloth is made up of thousands of tiny fibres, resulting in increased contact points with the surface, for a more thorough and rigorous cleaning.

Finally, it’s machine washable at 60°C, which speaks volumes about its quality and longevity. The vibrant multicolour design and the modern style add to its overall attractiveness. I highly recommend the Spontex Multi-Purpose Cloth + Microfibre Cloth for every household because of its outstanding features and quality.

spontex multi-purpose cloth

By Charlie