Acu-Life’s EZY DOSE Waterproof Arm Cast Cover truly lives up to its name. I found fascinating the pragmatic simplicity with which it solves a common problem for anyone with an arm cast or bandage – keeping it dry during daily activities, especially while showering or bathing.

The ‘One Size Fits All’ design ensures that anyone between the ages 5 to 105 can wear it with ease over their hands, arms, knees, foot, or even leg. As an added advantage, it can be used to cover gauze, adhesive pads, casts, and IVs as well, establishing its usefulness beyond just arm injuries.

I was delighted by how easy it was to use; no unnecessary strapping, pumps or hook and loop closure. The elastic, non-latex diaphragm stretches effortlessly over the cast or bandage, forming a watertight seal to keep it dry. The durable polyvinyl bag guarantees zero water penetration, giving you complete peace of mind.

As someone who believes in sustainable products, the fact this cast cover is reusable throughout the life of the cast is a boon. To wrap up, the EZY DOSE Waterproof Arm Cast Cover doesn’t just keep you dry, it keeps you free to enjoy your daily activities without worry.

waterproof cast protector

By Charlie