The Steffi Pregnant Doll is an incredibly engaging and interactive toy that your child will absolutely adore. There’s a sense of amazement and delight when kids see the baby doll coming out of Steffi’s tummy – a feature that truly sets it apart from other dolls in the market.

This colourful doll provides endless hours of enjoyment as your little one begins to nourish, care for, and form a bond with their new baby doll. The set comes equipped with 13 wonderful accessories, broadening the horizon of their imaginary world, and creating endless and diverse play scenarios.

It’s not just fun, this toy is also a great developmental tool. As your child learns to use the utensils and accessories, they’ll develop important motor skills and coordination. More than this, taking care of the baby teaches important lessons about responsibility, nurturing, empathy, and compassion.

This toy is designed for children aged 3 and above, and does not require batteries or assembly. However, do note that the small parts may not be suitable for children under 3. Measuring 29cm and weighing 259g, this durable, plastic doll is built to last, ensuring hours upon hours of imaginative play for your little one.

steffi pregnant doll

By Charlie