The Anagel ultrasound gel is a high-quality product essential for medical procedures, such as obstetric, vascular, and cardiac ultrasound examinations. Its wonderfully acoustic property makes it optimal for all frequencies used in these examinations, ensuring precise and accurate results. The gel is clear, colourless, and entirely aqueous, which is great because it will not stain your clothing or cause any damage to expensive transducers.

What I love about this gel is that it is both bacteriostatic and non-irritating, making it safe and comfortable for all users. Plus, it contains no formaldehyde, an added assurance for those with sensitive skin. It’s fantastic that it is also suited for IPL/epilight treatments – a versatile choice for various medical needs.

This pack includes 2 x 250ml bottles – a sufficient amount that lasts. The fact that it’s unscented and comes with a decent shelf life of over two years makes it more appealing. Remember, it’s also CE Certified, reaffirming its premium quality.

Most notably, the Anagel ultrasound gel excellent for at-home use, especially for expectant mothers using a fetal Doppler. The gel acts as the perfect coupling agent, providing optimal sound from the device. Applying a generous amount can work wonders here.

ultrasound gel

By Charlie