My first point of contact in any DIY project, be it for mounting, repair jobs or crafting, has to be the Unibond No More Nails Original. This stuff is serious business – its heavy-duty adhesive strength is evident in the fact that it can bond a multitude of materials from wood, brick, ceramic, and more.

What I find remarkable about this adhesive is its water-based copolymer technology that works in delivering a consistent, durable bond. And the beauty of it? It’s entirely solvent-free. So, it’s safe for extended use and delivers reliable results every time. Moreover, it’s perfect for interior uses, be it for fixing skirting boards, window ledges or even coat hooks.

I also love its versatility, covering not just wooden surfaces. It proves to be an effective concrete glue, plaster adhesive, brick bonding agent, not to mention a reliable plastic glue and metal glue. The possibilities are endless! So, for anyone pondering over the thought of hammering nails or screws, think again. With Unibond No More Nails Original, the clue is in the name – NO More Nails indeed!

unibond no more nails original

By Charlie