As an affiliate marketing expert, I can safely say that Just for Men Original Formula, Jet Black, has been a game-changer for many gentlemen out there. As promised, it excellently restores your original hair colour, giving it a natural and polished look unlike other brands.

It’s quite impressive how the patented ‘grey target technology’ formula smartly targets grey hair and mixes seamlessly with your original hair colour for professional results. Additionally, the promise of up to 3 applications per box means it’s a great pick for both large areas of grey and minor touch-ups.

With 8 different shades to select from, it’s versatile for those ranging from blonde to jet black hair. In case of any confusion, the rule of thumb suggested is to go with the lighter shade. A major pro is its ammonia-free formula enriched with keratin, olive oil and vitamin E, aimed at strengthening hair and lending it a healthy shine!

Its long-lasting effect is another win; it doesn’t wash out and stays up to 8 weeks until the grey reappears. Considering every person’s different hair growth, this product has rightly got the timings covered.

Lastly, what makes it a real hit is its super convenient and quick application process. Just pour the colour base into the applicator bottle, shake, apply, and voila – you’re done in 5 easy minutes. Take note to always do a skin allergy test beforehand, and use gloves to prevent any dye staining.

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By Charlie