As someone who’s always on the lookout for products that both perform excellently and smell fantastic in the process, the Vax Original 1.5L Carpet Cleaner Solution really delivers. Brushes away dirt and stains from carpets and upholstery with noticeable cleansing power, this little wonder is something that many of us carpet owners can benefit from. The end result is a fresh, clean surface with an uplifting Rose Burst scent, which I found extremely pleasant and refreshing. Plus, it’s not too overpowering!

One standout aspect is that it’s Woolsafe Approved. As someone with delicate carpets in my own home, I find this reassuring as it ensures the product won’t harm my precious home decor materials. It’s versatile too; suitable for use with all Vax carpet cleaners and carefully formulated to combat stubborn odours.

If you have pets, this is perfect for keeping your spaces clean and smelling great. It’s also practical for everyday cleaning. The liquid form makes it easy to apply, and with a generous volume of 1.5 litres, it provides long-lasting use. Vax does an excellent job of providing a high-quality product that not only cleans but also leaves your home smelling gorgeous!

vax carpet cleaner

By Charlie